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Whether it is a large family home, deceased estate, modest apartment or anything in between, we are capable of managing your investment. Each and every property is treated with care and we ensure we get to know your tenants well. A productive relationship between property manager and tenant provides a better management environment for our owners. When a tenant is treated with respect, an obligation forms and we find rents are paid on time. Tenants also take better care of your property.

The boutique nature of our property management service means that we have the resources and time to ensure your property is managed properly and adequately. Other agencies employ junior staff, cut corners in staffing levels and also experience high staff turnover, our agency does not.

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The consequence of not choosing the right agent can result in diminished or non-existent relationships with your tenants and yourself and a poorly managed property.

We are sharper. We stand out from the crowd
We find you a tenant faster - 95% of tenants are placed in properties within 7 days of a listing
We enjoy a 0% tenant arrears statistic - all rents are paid on time
We do not charge you for an annual property inspection
We do not charge you for overseeing repairs and maintenance

Would you like more information?  Please contact Rebecca Lee on direct telephone 9114 9849.

We understand that time is of the essence. Please fill in your details below and we will have one of our experienced sales agents come and appraise your property.

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